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Webcam Sex with Cam Girls

Webcam Sex with Cam Girls Webcam sex with camgirls is taking over the adult entertainment industry.

Adult cams: the perfect job for female students?

Adult cams: the perfect job for female students?

Adult cams are the solution to the growing problem of student debt. When porn star Belle Knox was outed as a live cam girl after broadcasting from her college library, adult webcam sites saw a spike in student sign ups. When I was an undergraduate student, I was trying to juggle three jobs in addition to my studies. If I had known about the online world of live cam sex, my experiences as a student might have been a whole lot sexier, and certainly less stressful. The best reasons to become a live cam girl while studying are as follows:
Pick your own hours
The models that make the most money have a regular schedule, but you can still be a successful model while ensuring you have the flexibility required to pursue your studies. Perhaps you will spend a little bit of free time being productive in your cam room and making money for the next big night out on campus, or making up the extra cash for your luxuries if you are little short for the month. If you have a big project coming up or an exam to study for, you can avoid the awkward process of having to ask your manager for time off work to study by being your own boss on an adult cams site, enabling you to pick your own hours!
Fit it around your studies, as well as your parties!
Students are notorious for juggling their all night party sessions and early morning lectures . They are also known for having a lot of spare time out of exam season. This spare time can be put to good use as a live cam girl, by broadcasting during the day during that awkward break between a morning and evening lecture, and STILL being able to party the night away. Live cam girls have said that cam sex shows have helped them to plan more efficiently. Initially, a timetable might seem all over the place, but dedicating a portion of free time to working your adult cams room, and the rest to studying gives student cam girls structure, meaning that you are guilt free when having fun over the weekend.
High payout
Perhaps the most attractive thing about being a live cam girl while studying is the amount of money that can be made in a short amount of time. Plenty of cam girls use the money they make during their broadcasts to pay for their tuition and avoid mountains of student debt, and some use it so they can enjoy the comforts they are used to rather than slumming it through their studies by turning the heating off and eating instant ramen! Plenty of students have to juggle multiple jobs as well as trying to cram for their studies, but as a cam girl it does not have to be that way!
Have fun
What I enjoy the most about running my own adult cam room as a graduate student is that you have a lot of fun along the way. Having viewers come into the room because they think you are hot makes you feel sexy and builds your self-confidence. It has more appeal than other types of erotic modelling as you work from the comfort of your own home and you are not under any pressure to fulfil certain requests as you are in control. As a broadcaster, you can be whatever character you want to be. Some live cam girls take their adult sex show to a whole other level, and host themed events in their adult cams room. Having a live cam sex chat room is an opportunity to showcase your good looks and your personality – after all, it’s what your fans love about you!

Turning to Adultwork to Fund Studies

Turning to Adultwork to Fund Studies

You might wonder why one might turn to adult work. Well with tuition fees in the UK costing upwards of £9000 a year, studying is expensive. These fees don’t take into account living expenses such as rent, bills, and money to go out. Getting a decent paying job while at uni isn’t easy either with options such as McDonalds, Burger King, and Starbucks readily available to hire students and only paying minimum wage or close to it!

So I had a think about things and I chose to explore sex work or adult work. This appealed to me as I could choose my own hours, choose the type of work I do, and the potential is there to make a hell of a lot of money! A part of me was worried about what people would think of me but to hell with what people think, I am doing this for me!

So I scoured the main websites to do adultwork  in the UK. The one which appealed to me the most was xxXpanded. They are based in the UK, run the TV channels Xpanded TV and Playboy TV Chat, and concentrate on phone sex and webcams. A lot of the other adult work websites focus on escort work and I don’t feel comfortable doing that.

I signed up through a website called Chat Recruit, and was up and running in no time. I get paid every other week and I am making more than I could ever imagine, the customers are a lot of fun to talk to and on top of that I still have time to study as I choose my own hours! I feel I have every opportunity to succeed in life and would suggest that anyone who has thought about adultwork should go ahead and try it!