Turning to Adultwork to Fund Studies

Turning to Adultwork to Fund Studies

You might wonder why one might turn to adult work. Well with tuition fees in the UK costing upwards of £9000 a year, studying is expensive. These fees don’t take into account living expenses such as rent, bills, and money to go out. Getting a decent paying job while at uni isn’t easy either with options such as McDonalds, Burger King, and Starbucks readily available to hire students and only paying minimum wage or close to it!

So I had a think about things and I chose to explore sex work or adult work. This appealed to me as I could choose my own hours, choose the type of work I do, and the potential is there to make a hell of a lot of money! A part of me was worried about what people would think of me but to hell with what people think, I am doing this for me!

So I scoured the main websites to do adultwork  in the UK. The one which appealed to me the most was xxXpanded. They are based in the UK, run the TV channels Xpanded TV and Playboy TV Chat, and concentrate on phone sex and webcams. A lot of the other adult work websites focus on escort work and I don’t feel comfortable doing that.

I signed up through a website called Chat Recruit, and was up and running in no time. I get paid every other week and I am making more than I could ever imagine, the customers are a lot of fun to talk to and on top of that I still have time to study as I choose my own hours! I feel I have every opportunity to succeed in life and would suggest that anyone who has thought about adultwork should go ahead and try it!